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Has Ministry Always Been Your Dream?

First of all I would like to thank Wendy from Sheffield for sending in a question. Nope! Being in ministry was far from what I had in mind for myself. Like every young girl I had those typical, slightly unrealistic aspirations; Famous Pop star, Princess, that sort of thing. By 9th grade I gave up on my dreams on pursuing music; even though my mother was a reggae singer and model, I doubted I could make it. Reality dawned on me that to make it you need to have a certain look and hella confidence, two things that eluded me (until University..spoiler alert I went Uni). So now I have to stick to academia; I've always had an interest in science (mainly because I was good at it) so of course it was my go to subject. Got my A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and off to uni I popped! Fast forward to 2013 Forensic science and criminology degree in hand, I knew i'd made a mistake...Go back to 2008 (sorry if I

am doing back and forth like crazy), my second and final year of Croydon College I began to have a nagging feeling that all I am really working towards is to disprove God and to be of such high esteem that my status demanded respect; At that point I no longer had a real relationship with God, and being raised in a Christian home the guilt was creeping in. Evidently it took more than that bit of guilt to make me do a complete 180 (but that is a whole other story). Many moons and disasters later in early 2015 I decided to take a Course in Theology; many of my family were not supportive and pretty much scoffed at the idea of ME being in ministry. I truly believe that the fact I am in ministry is all the will of God and definitely not my own; Often the enemy tries to convince me that I have made a terrible decision, however I rest in the knowledge that the only thing that will last is the Kingdom of Heaven and I desire for God to use me for HIS glory in building the kingdom!


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